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               Energy saving devices

We are Smith Industries.
 We have been building and selling energy saving units since 1986.
We have residential and commercial units.
We strive to build the best unit available.
And we have the best warrantys in the industry
Our units carry a 30 day satisfaction guarantee
A 5-year materials and workmanship guarantee
A 20 year Life expectancy
And a 1-year savings guarantee.   

Our best selling units for residential use is the 2401S unit combined with our 2401M unit
Are you Tired of paying throught the nose to cool or heat your home? Our Power Saver 2401S is the cure! This unit connects directly on the outside portion of your central A/C or Air to Air heatpump unit it will make your unit up to 55% more efficient by reducing the amp demand from the compressor and fan. It will also make your compressor run cooler and last up to 3 times longer. This unit is on sale in our store for $109. If your wanting to save the most money than add the 2401S unit and a 2401M unit togather for your most savings! We have this as a bundle in our online store.
We have a sale on our Power Saver 2401 residential unit.
Normal price is $229.00
But on sale for $99.00 in our online store. includes free shipping.
We also have our commercial 3 phase unit the Power Saver 2083 on sale in the store normaly $449.00 On sale for $179.00
 And our 2401M unit is on sale for $143 it has the 25% saving guarantee Most people see 32% to 38% savings Click here to go to online store

We know money is tight.
 And the economy is not good.
We are here to help you save money.
We do this by offering products that will SAVE you money.
Our products have the best warrantys in the industry.
 Here is some things to watch for in buying a  electric energy saver unit.

Don't buy plug in type energy savers. These small devices are not big enough to help.
By being plugged in to just 1 circuit. It is prob not a circuit that your appliances are on.
And most are built overseas!
Also for home use don't buy a cheap china made unit. these can be a fire hazard

We have a couple videos on the What is the Power Saver page One talks about what products we have and One is a 2401S unit connected to a 4 ton 240volt 4 ton heatpump showing the amp reading before and after installation.


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