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What is the Power Saver

Save from 20% to 55% on your electric usage
depending on models used

In home or business

We have been manufacturing energy saving devices since 1986

 Power Saver 2401/2401M/2401Sfor single phase
2083/20836 for 208 volt 3 phase 
We also mfg 480 volt 3 ph Power Savers

 Our Power Saver 2401S is a direct connect unit for your central AC or Air to Air heatpump system making it up to 55% more efficient these 2401S units work best on 10 to 16 seer units with more savings realised on the lower seer units .They will NOT work on 19 seer units.

We manufacture 3 different Power Savers for home and small business use, the standard 2401. And our 2401M unit these are for your 120 volt appliances. For you to decide which unit you need for your system look at your normal electric bill. If your normal electric usage is from $50 to $120 per month then our standard 2401 unit will work best. If your electric bill is from $150 to $200+ than our 2401M would be best for you. If your normal electric usage is below $50 per month then a power saver is NOT going to save you enought to offset the cost of it.

We suggest if you have a central A/C or air to air heat pump add a Power Saver 2401S along with a 2401M unit for saving the most money!







What is the Power Saver







                                                  Our unit is an electrical power conditioning system.

Assembled in our plant by qualified electricians

It uses state of the art Power Capacitor's 

To correct your Power Factor .

What is Power Factor

The Power Factor is the differences in the amount of electricity your home or business needs versus
what it is using efficiently.

Your Home or business has a multitude of motors (washing machine, dryer, AC, Furnace, dish washer, ceiling fans, pool pumps, refrigerator, freezer.). These motors have large inrush currents (amp draw). The power that is coming into your  home is limited in how fast it can react to this draw in turn you see lights blink. Sometimes a lot, everytime one of your appliance turn on. This is caused by the appliance drawing amps. But the power company can't supply this as fast as it is needed . This then causes the voltage to drop thought the home or business. As the appliances starts up. The more appliances that are trying to start up this condition get worse. This low voltage also causes heating in the motors which makes them burn up.
Most motors that are over 5 years old are only around 29% efficient
By adding a Power Saver that is built correctly will make these motors up to 97% efficient! This is where you see the most savings from a Power Saver

This is like having a big ac battery that has the power stored and ready for use as an appliance starts up.

Power Capacitors don't use energy. They store it and release it as needed!

If you connect a amp meter to a power saver it looks like it is drawing  a few amps but caps push and pull at 60 times a second. To prove they are not drawing power turn off all your breakers except the one suppling the power saver then go look at your electric power meter. It will be standing still!
As your motor loads come online the caps take in the wasted power regenerated from the motors and resends it back to them thus saving energy. 

Our units are designed to save you money!

and to make your appliances last longer!

As the appliances start up there is a big demand and your Power meter spins FAST. Also takes a few seconds to spin back down. Thus you PAY for this spin up by High Electric Bills. By using POWER capacitors this stops the meter from this fast spin up. 

Also using Power Capacitors. This also limits the spikes and brown downs in your electric system thus is a very good whole house Surge Suppressor


Our units also have Nema 3R housings
Our Commercial unit 20836 is Nema 1 indoor use only

And we Supply 2 foot of sealtite with a panel fitting on the end. Also we leave you enough wire to connect the device without having to add on to the wire.

Our commercial unit has a 3/4" EMT fitting for connection to your system Via EMT

We use THHN #10 industrial rated power wires. and THHN #12 ground and Neutral wire

This unit can be mounted at the meter. Or at a main or sub panel.

You just need to connect it to a double pole 30 amp breaker.

This can also be direct wired to any 240 volt 30 amp system.(water heater or dryer circuit as long as it has a neutral  conducter in the circuit)

The commercial units 2083 and 20836 need a triple pole 30 amp breaker our 480 volt 3 phase units also need a 3 pole breaker
We also make direct connect units for A/C systems of 208 to 480 volt

Our POWER SAVER 2401 and the Power Saver 2401M works on 100 to 400 amp systems.
120/240 volt AC single phase

Our Power saver 2401S will work on systems of 1 1/2 to 7 ton 240 volt single phase
If you have multiple A/C units 1 of the 2401S units connected to the same panel will serve of to 3 units.

Our commercial unit Power Saver 2083 is for 120/208 Volt 3 phase 200 to 400 amp service. or can be direct connected to a A/C unit
Our Power Saver 20836 is for 600 amp 3 phase service

Full Instructions comes with every unit.

Our units carry 5 year materials and workmanship warranty

A 30 day satisfaction guarantee And a 20 year life expectancy

We have a sold over 2000 of these units. Through our dealers  


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